What do you think you would be doing if Starbugs didn’t exist?
I am a qualified physiotherapist.

Since you three are nonverbal, you can perform all over the world. Can you think of any gig you would accept if it meant leaving your home base for a lengthy period of time?
A gig in Hawaii would be amazing!

Have you ever imagined what your last-ever performance would be like?
No idea. I hope I still have plenty of time to contemplate how that might go.

Would you take part in a talent show?
No. But we did it anyway. So unfortunately yes, but never again!

Any football club is more than just 11 players. How big is the Starbugs team?
We have around 15 people working with us in our team, including director, technicians, management, PR and communication people etc. We even have a psychologist on board.

Are you single?
No, we are a trio.

What do you spend the most money on?
Health insurance, rent and taxes.

What do you find funny?
Hard to say. I tend to prefer dry, sarcastic humour as a rule.

Are you a Mac or a PC person?
PC. I would actually prefer to be a Mac person, but since I have no idea about computers, I always need help. This comes in the form of Silu. Since he has a PC, I do too. As soon as Silu switches to Mac, I will do the same.

What did you want to be as a child?
Policeman. Yeah, why not …

Do you prefer films in 3D or 2D?
In 2D! With 3D films you always have to buy those special glasses. And that’s the problem. If you already have one, you’re bound not to have it with you the next time you need it. So if anyone ever needs a pair of those glasses, come and see me.

What music do you listen to at home?
Whatever’s on the radio. I prefer RnB and HipHop.

What is the worst fine/penalty you have ever had to pay?
I kissed a guide rail once with my car. But it wasn’t my fault! It was a very tight corner and the road was too slippery. I still had to pay the fine. And incidentally, the car was a write-off too.

What is something you are no good at?
Singing. Sadly! Coz I really wanted to be a rock star!

What is your earliest memory?
Today? The sound of my alarm clock!

What would you like to do away with?
Christmas decorations in October and Easter bunnies on sale in February.

What was your worst job?
Can’t remember …

Where would you really love to go one day?
To Hawaii. I have already been there several times, but it’s my dream destination. Iceland would also interest me. We’ll have to see.

What talent would you dearly like to have?
Singing! Then I the rock star pathway would be open to me!

How long do you tend to sit on the loo?
Until I have read all the interesting articles on my newspaper app.

What is home for you?
Wherever my family is. Wherever I can speak my mother tongue.

Fabian Berger

Name: Berger
First name: Fabian
Nickname: Fäbu
Birthday:1st July 1974
Star sign: Cancer
Place of residence: Bern
Home town: Oberthal
Nationality: CH
Marital status: single

Family/children:One wife and one son

Special: Strategist responsible for triaging all the jobs to be done by Starbugs Comedy

Good to know: I am happy with my life.

Hobby/leisure time: Sport allgemein, Skifahren, Wandern mit Familie

Brief bio/Where I came from: I grew up in Seedorf, Bern. My parents were my Mum and Dad and I have an older sister, Dominique.

  • 1984-1990 Compulsory schooling
  • 1990-1994 Draftsman apprenticeship
  • 1996-2000 Physiotherapy College in Bern
  • 2000-2006 Physiotherapist in Orthopaedics at Inselspital
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Die verrückteste Comedy Show

«Jump!» die neue Starbugs Comedy Show hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen. Mit hinreissender, verblüffender Dynamik verlassen Starbugs Comedy in ihrer neuen Show die bekannten Sphären der Comedy. Die drei coolen Typen ziehen ihr Publikum so umwerfend fantasievoll, witzig und listig herein, dass es aus dem Staunen nicht mehr herausfindet.