What do you think you would be doing if Starbugs didn’t exist?
I completed my Bachelor of Business Administration at Bern University. What I would have done after that, I cannot say. I had planned to go and study mechanical engineering at the ETH. Maybe I would have also trained to become a winemaker and moved to Piedmont.

Since you three are nonverbal, you can perform all over the world. Can you think of any gig you would accept if it meant leaving your home base for a lengthy period of time?
China, for instance, would be interesting, something quite different. But when it really came down it, it would probably be somewhere else altogether. Things are pretty good for us here in Switzerland, so I can imagine I would be reluctant to give it all up.

Have you ever imagined what your last-ever performance would be like?
I can imagine performing our last show in the Casinotheater of Winterthur. It’s where it all began for us really. And I would try to do the backward somersault one last time. And I would get a standing ovation for it 🙂

Would you take part in a talent show?
No, not any more. We have been doing our job now for two decades and we do what we do. The verdict of a judging panel would be of no benefit to us. In general terms, I don’t think the format of those shows is very suitable for professional artists.

Any football club is more than just 11 players. How big is the Starbugs team?
There are 10 of us in the team.

What do you spend the most money on?
On shares that are dropping in value. And otherwise on living costs. My family deserves a good life.

What do you find funny?
The babble of my children.

Are you a Mac or a PC person?
PC! (OK, I do have an iPhone).

What did you want to be as a child?

Do you prefer films in 3D or 2D?
I prefer watching them in 2D. It is annoying to have to buy glasses every time, even though you already have a whole collection of them at home and always forget to bring them along. And anyway I need my corrective lenses, so wearing two sets of glasses is a bit hard on the nose somehow.

What music do you listen to at home?
Jamie Cullum and Coldplay in particular.

What is the worst fine/penalty you have ever had to pay?
I think it was CHF 200 for parking my scooter in a bike stand that was part of an area closed to scooters. A two-birds-with-one-stone fine.

What is something you are no good at?
I’m pretty hopeless at planning.

What is your earliest memory?
How I answered the question about something I am no good at.

What would you like to do away with?
Factory farming.

What was your worst job?
I found tent building as a temp worker extremely tough. My whole body ached, especially my arms.

Where would you really love to go one day?
Spring Break.

What talent would you dearly like to have?
I would like to be able to speak about 10 languages fluently.

How long do you tend to sit on the loo?
Not really any longer than necessary. What’s more, I am a loo paper folder ?

What is home for you?
Wherever you are free to choose when to drink your beer after work.

Wassilis Reigel

Name: Reigel
First Name: Wassilis
Nickname: Silu
Birthday: 8th December 1981
Star sign: Sagittarius
Place of residence: Bern
Home town: Schaffhausen
Nationality: CH
Marital status: single

Children: Emma and Vincent

Brief bio/Where I came from: The third of four children. Father was Swiss, mother Greek. Grew up in Köniz, then Seedorf, currently living in Bern with my family.
Bachelor degree Business Administration at Bern University.

Special: I am the treasurer and music cutter of Starbugs.

Hobby/leisure time: Motor-biking, but I will do it again when it doesn’t matter whether I fall off. Boxing is my favourite form of physical training. I would go jogging, but my running shoes haven’t been delivered yet.

Relaxing: I love drinking wine and hanging out somewhere cosy.

Good to know: I love animals, which is why I am vegetarian.

What annoys me: Politicians often annoy me; there are too many conflicts of interest involved. Commercial companies annoy me too; they lack consideration for others.

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Die verrückteste Comedy Show

«Jump!» die neue Starbugs Comedy Show hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen. Mit hinreissender, verblüffender Dynamik verlassen Starbugs Comedy in ihrer neuen Show die bekannten Sphären der Comedy. Die drei coolen Typen ziehen ihr Publikum so umwerfend fantasievoll, witzig und listig herein, dass es aus dem Staunen nicht mehr herausfindet.