novembre, 2021

sam20nov20:00JUMP!🇧đŸ‡Ș Deinze (BE)20:00 CC Leietheater, Brielstraat 8, 9800 Deinze (BE)


With their new comedy show JUMP!, Starbugs Comedy are creating new spheres in the universe of comedy. With their mind-boggling performance, the three comedians captivate their audience into a land of fantasy.

Stepping into their imaginative world, one finds an emerged audience laughing out loud with no jokes told. Everyone present will be part of a phenomenal show full of rhythm, sound and songs, impressive effects and amazing stage props. Oh, there will be a lot of awkward moments too, but never as one would expect. Remember the good old times of forward and rewinding cassettes? This is how erratically Starbugs Comedy treat time and space, and the audience will be witnessing this in slow motion as well as in time lapse.

Be warned: the cheeky comedians like to have an occasional wink and flirt with their audience, and side effects like blushing and jaw cramps may occur since the extravagant JUMP! experience has proved to engage its audience in ways never seen before.

The three men in charge, Fabian Berger, Martin Burtscher and Wassilis Reigel delight on a global scale as the most successful Swiss comedy show export. They have been proudly winning countless trophies with their performances in over 30 countries and cultural melting-pots like New York and Tokyo.


(Samedi) 20:00


CC Leietheater

Brielstraat 8, 9800 Deinze (BE)

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Die verrĂŒckteste Comedy Show

«Jump!» die neue Starbugs Comedy Show hat die Welt noch nicht gesehen. Mit hinreissender, verblĂŒffender Dynamik verlassen Starbugs Comedy in ihrer neuen Show die bekannten SphĂ€ren der Comedy. Die drei coolen Typen ziehen ihr Publikum so umwerfend fantasievoll, witzig und listig herein, dass es aus dem Staunen nicht mehr herausfindet.